Massachusetts Court System


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The Massachusetts court system resembles a pyramid. Cases commence in one of the 7 trial court departments, and are first decided there. Cases are initiated in the particular court which has subject matter and geographic jurisdiction over the issues and parties involved.

Get access to research, resources, and information about court cases, rules, laws, forms, and legal assistance. Find information on how the Massachusetts Court System operates, how to find a lawyer, and how to locate other services that might be available to you. Search for the court forms you need by topic or court department.

Learn how the Massachusetts Court System works and find court data, metrics, reports, policies, plans, and initiatives. Find information about interpreter services in the courts and translated court forms. The general laws in Massachusetts regulate government administration, property and domestic issues, civil cases, and criminal cases.

If you need to report child abuse, any other kind of abuse, or need urgent assistance, please click here. See all our locations. Online Massachusetts Court System locations. Find a contact Courts, court offices, and court departments contact information. Get updates Emergency or weather-related cancellation of court s. You and others have been erroneously advised that there is some alleged contract with R. Click Below for Full Article. Unanswered Frivolous Affidavit is Not an Admission.

Law Class Info. The imaginary, having no reality or substance cannot create or attain parity with the real. We found that some group listed us on their list of services in such a manner that made it 'appear' we offered them.

We trust this will clear up the subject matter for you and our position regarding the same. Bar Codes and National ID's. In fact they were written years before by an Elder Mother as 5 separate documents. Later, by the time we put them on the site for review and use, they had been condensed into one document consisting of 6 pages, with the exception of the Name Correction, which remained separate a s 1 page.

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This is where many of you find yourselves unbeknownst to you. Click PDf Below for full Letter. Click Here for The Berkel ey Plan tation. We find it interesting food for thought that. Who goes there to bring forth mis-information? Can't blame them colonist, they were treated very badly by the British - Brutish Moors. We appreciate all support and sincere Love. We have not altered them, nor do we intend to, particularly at this time.

To make unnecessary changes could create controversy and potentially demonstrate unnecessary family division, even if not intended. What is Warring Against the People?

We encourage you to check out the latest Mantis Views 29 Video. Click here to access the New Canaanland Moors Page. Many of the Family of Moors across the Nation, particularly those in the North American Continent, have established all sorts of movements, activities, organizations, associations, coalitions, etc.

Up on reviewing the true records, it would be clear to them and to those who do the civic works of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, that there is no need for the 14th amendment for the salvation of the people, because it was HANDLED in the 13th Amendment, as it relates to the Law of the Land.

Anyone who leads and does not study to know, is not qualified to Lead. You must KNOW for yourself and teach your children and those in your immediate cipher first, or you and your children, friends and associates, could be working with people, who work with people to maintain servitude. This is why the Law of the Land is to be enforced as the Noble document it is. IF NOT, you will be molested by "other citizens" , inclusive of corporations, which are subject citizens, as is happening today.

Come out of the fiction and all that is for fictions 14th Amendment and beyond. It has been said by others to be the "Official R. Bey Publications You Tube Channel, of which we receive that with honors. However, Mizraim says his efforts are in conjunction with Canaanland Moors YouTube channel and all allodial Moors across the globe.

Mantis Views 29 is the works of Mizraim El as he expands his journalism for th e Moorish Nation and gives all those who have, and will press the lens on Mantis Views There are now, a collection of "Mantis Views 29" visual analects. Go to the channel and enjoy all of them, as they are tailored to open the mind to the Light of Truth, so Truth can come in and make itself at home with YOU!! We recently established a new page entitled "Shoveling Out From the Avalanche of Lies" to address the accusations, inconsistencies and avalanche of lies being heaped upon Moors daily, just as Prophet Noble Drew Ali said would be in these days and times.

Bey Hater" , as it seems many dis-like information, therefore make attempts to discredit it. Click the PX left to view it and learn something valuable.

What you ought know. An example of learning by signs and symbols, has been moved to "Food For Thought Page". All 4 of our Blog Broadcast are Free t o Listen, the number has changed: The old number may ask for payment, that is not us , and we are not collecting or charging any fees to Listen. Please use the new number. And when ye separate in the world, remember the relation that. El Yanga - "National Hero of Mexico". El Yanga - National Mexican Hero - 2 pg.

Researched by Mizraim Aleph El. There is no surprise that those who say they are educated, inclusive of some who refer to themselves as scholarly, are not able to recognize the half that has not been told.

They are taught with only a portion of the truth, with truth and falsehood STRANGELY mixed, leaning more towards falsehood the longer they stay in institutions dedicated to same, of which, we trust has now come to pass.

No wonder there are all kinds of versions and diversions keeping the family from uniting, as they have but only a small piece of truth. However, we march forth to bring forth the "Uniting of Asia". The aboriginal and indigenous people across the entire planet are the first navigators - Moors, who moored over the land and the sea.