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Americans from out of state have likely moved to Utah also because of its robust job market. Utah also has the sixth lowest poverty rate at just 9. Utah also has the lowest income inequality of any state.

State residents in the 80th percentile of income only make 3. This is well below the national average of five times. The best countries to retire to in Lovemoney. Here's how much savings you need to retire in your state GOBankingRates.

Should you retire abroad? How can we improve? Indeed, market forecaster Local Market Monitor and cash homebuyer HomeVestors of America recently listed metro areas that are rental "sweet spots" where rental charges for are rising even as home prices fall For its projections, LMM took into account job growth and unemployment rates, population growth, sales and rental prices, and something called "Equilibrium Home Price," which is a gauge of where the average home price should realistically lie based on economic data versus where it actually is Real Estate Winners and Losers of December 20, However, some of the safest bets were made in areas where prices are not only low relative to rents, but where the economy also is on the upswing, including Bakersfield, Calif.

Construction backstopped a sizeable chunk of Florida's local economies, as developers built spec homes for an anticipated deluge of Baby Boomer snowbirds that, thanks to the current economy, have yet to retire. Best Places to be a Landlord December 1, Are you ready to be a landlord? They might have low prices, but they also are suffering from high unemployment. That could leave aspiring landlords with empty homes, which then could fall even further in value, according to Local Market Monitor President Ingo Winzer Is a condo a bad bet?

Which areas bucked forecasters' expectations and faltered? Local Market Monitor tagged these markets as this year's surprising fumbles Why household debt reduction could jumpstart economy September 19, Report says Central Valley good place to buy rental property September 16, The ranking is updated quarterly Has Housing Finally Hit Bottom? While most towns and cities on the upswing aren't exactly luxurious, prices in 15 percent of the metro areas tracked by Local Market Monitor, a real estate data provider, have actually increased in the past year But that still is well above what many other investments yield Move-up buyers needn't wait September 6, Some markets in Texas, Southern California and parts of the Midwest could emerge more quickly.

Phoenix one of top markets to invest in rental property July 21, Tampa Bay ranked among nation's best rental markets July 18, Based on the projected cost of housing vs. Local Market Monitor put together the survey for HomeVestors, a franchise real estate investing company. The survey ranked markets by estimated returns on investment in single-family home rental properties Phoenix among 10 best places to buy rental properties July 13, Nashville ranks 61st best rental property market July 12, Nashville's ranking at No.

Syracuse ranks highly among top markets for rental properties July 12, HomeVestors of America, Inc. The rankings will be updated quarterly. The list aims to forecast the expected performance of rental real estate properties, specifically single-family homes maintained for rent HomeVestors is a real-estate investment company; Local Market Monitor is a forecaster of real-estate markets The job market isn't always healthy, but the city has diversified much since the days when International Harvester and General Electric dominated the private workforce.

And post-secondary educational opportunities abound City listed in top places to start over June 19, Tri-Cities voted eighth best US location to start over June 17, Research firm predicts California home price appreciation by June 3, Some markets, however, are taking a much larger hit than others, due to overbuilding, speculation, loose lending and pumped-up values.

Nowhere was that more evident than Modesto, Calif. But Modesto had plenty of bad company, according to Local Market Monitor. Here are the metro areas with the biggest drops in home prices since the fourth quarter of and a generally bleak outlook for the year ahead But these aren't double-digit gains.

Those days are long gone, economists say Contrarian house prices here rise May 11, Local Market Monitor compiles and analyzes census data for metro markets in the U. Home sales in S. Up From the Ruins? Remember Closing Costs and Fees April 7, Get Real April 4, Most of these cities weren't hit particularly hard by the bubble.

Job growth typically translates into stronger home prices. The publication forecasts a two percent to four percent housing-price increase in Bethesda, for example Florida's home vacancy rates, No. That's high, but also down from the peak Vacation Lifestyles March 16, Buyers have power, but how much?

Group sees GR housing prices rising March 7, That's good news for buyers and sellers Sales Up; Values Not February 27, Is it time to buy? It takes repeat-sales prices compiled by the Federal Housing Finance Agency across housing markets and compares them with the "equilibrium prices" that can be sustained by local economic conditions.

Then it ranks markets accordingly SD in Top 5 Markets in '11 February 1, Their analysis includes many factors including unemployment and job growth rates and the number of housing permits in the market The state that is home to Disney World, key lime pie and the Daytona hasn't had much to crow about when it comes to real estate in recent years. Sorry to break it to Sunshine Staters, but they shouldn't be expecting a rebound anytime soon either.

Florida market rebound far off January 21, Seniors eye Charleston, local home and design show gears up January 15, According to a new survey, Charleston ranks as fourth best spot for real estate investment among retirees. Local Market Monitor and its president Ingo Winzer compiled the list recently America's most overvalued - and undervalued - cities January 11, It can if it's Las Vegas.

Sin City recently drew a rating of "Frankly Dangerous" -- the worst possible -- from Local Market Monitor, a North Carolina-based firm that provides investors with analysis on local conditions. The only other city to get that kind of thrashing was Orlando, FL Akron, Cleveland could be housing bargain-hunters' delight January 11, America's most overvalued and undervalued housing markets January 11, Eight markets are overpriced, and 15 are underpriced. That contrasts with the boom years: In mid, 37 of the biggest markets were overpriced, six under and 57 fairly valued Overpriced, Underpriced Housing Markets January 11, The Local Market Monitor recently released a list for investors analyzing buying conditions for real estate markets in the United States Central Florida tops list of worst places to own home January 6, The Best of Lexington January 6, Bidding on a foreclosure and a warm place to retire January 3, Kentucky By the Numbers January 3, If you need comfort and shelter, spend as much money as you can without getting into perilous debt.

But don't think that homes are investments. Home prices have a long way to go before we see a real rebound.

Billions wiped off US home values December 15, Meanwhile, a separate study from Local Market Monitor shows prices in many US markets bottomed out in the third quarter, but some large metropolitan areas are facing difficulty. Local Market Monitor finds many local markets hit bottom in 3Q December 10, The real estate analytics company said home price data Oklahoma City was number two, followed by Tulsa at number three. A new home for the holidays?

Each month, we'll bring you the news and insight you need to help you make that life-altering home purchase with confidence We asked the folks at Local Market Monitor to share their predictions for the five best and worst markets for those who are ready to buy now. LMM analyzes more than housing markets and identifies markets that are "suitable for investment" or "dangerous.

Worst of housing market is behind us December 3, Right now company profits may be rising, but companies aren't spending their cash on hiring and salary increases Local housing market flourishes November 29, Entrepreneurs Jump on Real Estate November 11, Here's how savvy entrepreneurs are picking up the pieces.

But keep in mind the old adage that real estate is about location, location, location. As such, the housing prospects for your own hometown are uniquely local. Home prices should rebound after 3-year drop November 10, Florida's Polk County Tops Forbes.

Local Market Monitor Inc. Report names Tulsa top housing market for conservative investors October 8, Paul Wheeler, head of Accent Realtors and himself a real estate investor for 20 years, said the report is an accurate assessment of the metro area..

I always use a study by Local Market Monitor which tracks crashes and subsequent rebounds at different markets at different times Louisville named among best markets for real estate investors October 5, Nashville fourth-best bet for residential real estate investors September 23, Forbes ranks Nashville-'Boro real estate market No.

Forbes bucks national trend, gives Springs No. Should You Cash In? We asked Cary, N. Stats to Track September 10, Five Areas for Homebuyers to Investigate September 10, That's still not a bad idea. What about buying property as an investment?

W-S is 7th-best in U. Chattanooga market fares better August 28, Local Market Monitor August 28, Upstate among best rated for real estate investment August 27, That's according to an Investment Suitability Knoxville named 4th best for real estate investing August 25, City's real estate market 'steady' August 24, Investment Cities August 24, Durham tops list of best markets for real-estate investors August 23, Durham deemed among safest real estate markets August 23, The firm is best known for its housing-market forecasts, which use "equilibrium" home prices: In its new report, it uses similar data to rank communities by their investment prospects, focusing on single-family homes See full article from DailyFinance: Home Sweet Cary Home August 15, Carolyn Beggs, chief operating officer of Local Market Monitor, which analyzes conditions in over U.

Forecasting the Triangle market - Live Interview July 26, Twin Cities boast a healthy housing market June 29, Finally, since a cheap home isn't much of a bargain if it's hemorrhaging value, we factored in how much home prices were expected to rise or fall over the next three years, using data from Local Market Monitor, a Cary, N.

In these markets, housing has a long way to go May 9, During a recession internal migration within the U. Cities In Free Fall April 9, We ranked each MSA on the percent its median home price has fallen since its individual peak, using data provided by Local Market Monitor, a housing market data tracker. The company offers investors local market risk intelligence based on how high they think local housing prices will climb BR among markets forecast for home price gain March 10, In Buffalo, sales are bouncing back February 23, Real-estate winners and losers of February 3, Prices in those markets haven't declined since , and are slowly inching up, according to Local Market Monitor.

Cities where homes have lost the most value January 4, Forbes Magazine released study results by Local Market Monitor that showed the cities that lost the most value are concentrated in some areas of California, Florida, Nevada, and the Northeast Housing market shines January 3, Earlier this year Local Market Monitor, which produces its Home Price Forecast for more than cities, listed the Monroe area market among its top 10 smaller cities in the United States.

They call you, then you close the deal. Life at Red Ventures. Creatives 1 months ago. People 5 months ago. Culture People 10 months ago. Account Associate - MyMove. Agente de Vendas de Seguros. Atendimento ao cliente via telefone, e-mail e Chat. Facilidade para trabalhar em equipe. Team members will be required to work a 3x12 work schedule , and holidays. Experience working with Trouble Ticket System s experience with ServiceNow is a plus Ability to analyze technical issues, perform trend analysis, and escalate appropriately.

Performs website monitoring, restoral application restarts, server reboots Strong attention to detail and ability to focus and stay cool under stress. Proven ability to multi-task and follow guidelines and instructions. Writes and communicates well. Expected to contribute extensively to NOC runbooks.

Driven to grow technical skills and share with the NOC team. A really good sense of humor. Extra points if you are familiar with: Assess the current set of automation tools and framework and then make recommendations on our automation strategy.

Determine when components meet acceptable quality criteria and standards and give the go-ahead for release to production. Work to minimize manual testing by identifying high-ROI test cases and automating them. Review functional and technical documentation in order to identify requirements for the creation of test plans, test cases and test scripts.

Conduct test case reviews to ensure scenarios accurately capture business functionality. Execute all components of product testing such as functional, regression and end-to-end testing. Make recommendations to improve product reliability, performance, and quality assurance best practices and processes.

Investigate and evaluate new testing technologies and products for application within the environment. Own Continuous integration tools Jenkins and integrate test suite into CI cluster as applicable.

Work collaboratively within a team of other engineers and demonstrate strong teamwork. Experience managing either QA or Technical teams Experience with or knowledge of Agile methodologies Experience using issue tracking systems e.

Design, write, execute and maintain automated test scripts for APIs, platform and UI software components that you are responsible for. Work to minimize manual testing by identifying high-ROI test cases and automating them Review functional and technical documentation in order to identify requirements for the creation of test plans, test cases and test scripts Conduct test case reviews to ensure scenarios accurately capture business functionality Execute all components of product testing such as functional, regression and end-to-end testing.

Make recommendations to improve product reliability, performance, and quality assurance best practices and processes Investigate and evaluate new testing technologies and products for application within the environment.

Work collaboratively within a team of other engineers and demonstrate strong teamwork Note: Experience with API testing tools ie. Experience using issue tracking systems e. Ability to analyze code from other team members Familiar with Docker and how it can be setup and leveraged by the QA organization About Red Ventures: Responsibilities Manage web analytics measurement strategy to standardize tracking taxonomy across multiple websites and business verticals.

Execute on web analytics and marketing tools implementation using Google Analytics , Google tag manager and in-house analytics solutions. Conduct a variety of deep-dive data analyses to gather web behavioral data insights to make decisions on new products, optimization tests and enhancements. Run ad-hoc reports and develop dashboards on web behavioral data for internal stakeholders.

Required Skills Experience with Google Analytics or other web analytics tools. Strong analytical background with a proven track record demonstrating an aptitude to compile data in comprehensive reports, analyze trends and make fact-based recommendations. Writing SQL queries against complex databases for data extraction.

Strong written and verbal communication skills and have experience working on and communicating with fast-paced, dynamic teams. Team-oriented, self-motivated, success-driven, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Develop, configure and install tools to enhance the software development lifecycle.

Manage software releases as needed. Create repeatable, reliable processes for software deployment. Perform ad hoc queries on production data. Ensure test systems properly emulate production systems. Monitor application performance with predefined tools or create new tools as needed. Develop automated monitors for performance and quality.

Manage tools for static code analysis and automated testing through continuous integration. Gather metrics for reporting and analysis. Enable continuous improvement of our tools and processes. Participate in on-call rotation and provide hands-on support during emergencies, outages, and service transitions. Researching production problems and finding root causes in order to facilitate repairs by developers.

Take ownership of the process and problems and see them through to satisfactory resolutions. Desired skills and experience: Experience managing applications running in a Linux environment. Experience administering software and server deployments in an open source ecosystem. Strong scripting skills Bash, Python, Powershell, Go with the ability to develop ad hoc tools. Familiarity with "infrastructure as code" best practices using tools like Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Jenkins, and CloudFormation.

Experience working with database systems. Knowledge of DevOps best practices and IT operations in an always-up, always-available environment. Experience with source control management practices and tools, preferably with Git. Experience with agile methodologies and a rapid development cycle. A minimum of four years of experience working with product development and operations teams in a DevOps or a similar capacity.

Detailed analytical and diagnostic skills is a must. Network engineering concepts e. Configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible.

Continuous integration and build tools like Jenkins, Maven, Grunt, etc. Knowledge of container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Below are 3 films that give you some further insight to our culture and approach at RV. What is R V technology? Year in Review https: Jenkins, TravisCI Experience with container-based applications and tools e. Legitimate Interest Red Ventures Ltd processes your data when it is in our legitimate interests to do this and when these interests are not overridden by your data protection rights.

We use your personal information in the following ways: How we use your personal data Information you supply when applying for a position or registering an interest to work for Red Ventures Ltd is only used for our recruitment process. How long is Personal Data retained? We will retain your data on our secure database for a period of not more than six years. Where do you keep my personal data? Security We are committed to ensuring that your data is kept secure.

Deletion of Data on request You may contact us at any time to request us to remove personal information about you. How do I know what Information you have retained about me? How do we send you information? Transfer of Data We will not transfer in part or whole any of your personal data to any other party, outside the of Red Ventures group. Contact details All requests should be addressed to: Collaboration Engineering Team Lead. Lead a team of Collaboration Engineers that will own, maintain, support, secure and improve the collection of tools and applications geared to improve employee productivity globally Develops and owns the technical design and operational procedures documentation Collaborates with different teams to develop a rigorous service portfolio Provider tier 3 support for complex application issues Maintain collaboration applications including Office , GSuite, and Slack Qualifications: Experience leading a team Strong project management skills, strong attention to detail About Red Ventures: All applicants must have a passion for research-driven content and an analytical bent.

Directly manage a team of writers wholly focused on providing the most comprehensive consumer banking information in the world. Assign, maintain and manage a large backlog of consumer banking content. Develop a process for managing and executing the content strategy, including leveraging data to inform an approach, developing a pipeline of prioritized content and formalizing a publishing workflow.

Work closely with the business intelligence team to design measurement, testing and optimization mechanisms and report on the content effectiveness and engagement. Develop and maintain an editorial calendar tied to key themes that support our business goals and marketing plans.

Develop comprehensive content requirements, content models and business rules for meaningful content presentation. A strategic thinker, able to understand Bankrate. Obsessed with content quality, structure, performance management and ongoing content optimization. Knowledgeable about search engine optimization. Able to balance the need to inform our readers with the critical need to rank first via search and drive revenue. A leader with terrific communication skills that can serve as an advocate for your team and is comfortable interacting with stakeholders and executives.

A subject matter expert around all things consumer banking. Corporate Recruiter - Experienced Hiring. Source passive talent using sources such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Google, and other databases Partner with internal teams to generate new ideas to continuously innovate the recruiting and sourcing strategies Build and maintain strong relationships with hiring teams and managers Own special recruiting projects ranging from interview training's, interview process changes,evaluating new technologies and sources, etc.

Play an integral role in the development of company branding efforts both locally and nationally Candidate Profile: Scrappy and tenacious personality with a focus on driving meaningful results High level of attention to detail and ability to manage multiple recruitment projects simultaneously Proactive mindset and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment Willingness to embrace change Great sense of humor!

In the Data Analyst role, you will: Redshift Experience with modern BI applications e. Python, Java, GoLang Experience with streaming technologies e.

Kinesis, Kafka Experience with database migration, replication, and backup retention Experience with logfile aggregation and analysis for trends and errors e.

ELK Understanding of cloud tools for data transfer and monitoring Understanding of DevOps philosophy and containerization e.

They will own the process end-to-end — understand business context, write production quality code, follow SDLC best practices, modeling database tables, and operational excellence monitoring, alerting If you want to be a part of a dynamic team solving business problems using data, this is the role for you. Linux common working knowledge, including navigating through the file system and simple bash scripting General knowledge of distributed systems and distributed data processing frameworks Experience with Storm or Cassandra is a plus Knowledge about agile software processes About Red Ventures: Data Engineer - Spark.

Conceive, develop and execute data driven investigations. Collaborate with a team to build and analyze medium to large databases to sniff out patterns and help build a narrative. Verify the integrity and accuracy of the data. Conceive, launch, and maintain automated news articles that tell compelling stories through data.

Represent Bankrate as a spokesperson as needed. Be deeply engaged on data for our editorial coverage and data as it relates to story performance on Bankrate to make informed decisions about coverage. Understand metrics of our storytelling and allow them to inform our decisions. Come up with ideas and create data-driven content in story form, blogs, quizzes and interactives. Attend industry conferences to speak about personal finance and data-focused topics.

Create content for one-off features and special requests. Knowledgeable of the consumer banking industry. Thorough understanding of personal finance. Advanced Excel and SQL skills. Strong knowledge of AP style. Data Scientist Red Ventures is a digital consumer choice platform and digital marketing company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Typical Responsibilities for the role: Responds to Tier II tickets and incidents Installation and support end user devices Providing technical support to end users on client issues End-user workspace setup and teardown Help manage and audit inventory Work with multiple groups including Windows Server and AV teams Assistance on Global RV projects as needed Essential skills for the role: Windows and macOS installation, configuration and troubleshooting IOS and Android configuration and troubleshooting Knowledge of Active Directory and O At least basic scripting skills with PowerShell Working knowledge of Outlook and Microsoft Office Willingness to help as needed on other projects Excellent communication and customer service skills Be a self-starter with a team focused, positive attitude with attention to detail ServiceNow ticketing experience is a plus The following skills are highly desirable and would be expected to obtain after hire if you do not already have them: Installation and support end user devices Providing technical support to end users on basic hardware issues End user workspace setup and teardown Help manage and audit inventory Work with multiple groups including Windows Server and AV teams Assistance on Global RV projects as needed This is a first shift position approx.

Responds to Tier I tickets and incidents. Installation and support end user devices Providing technical support to end users on client issues End-user workspace setup and teardown Help manage and audit inventory Work with multiple groups including Windows Server and AV teams Assistance on Global RV projects as needed This is a first shift position approx.

Windows and macOS installation, configuration and troubleshooting IOS 8x and Android configuration and troubleshooting Knowledge of Active Directory and Exchange At least basic scripting skills with PowerShell Working knowledge of Outlook and Microsoft Office Willingness to help as needed on other projects Excellent communication and customer service skills Be a self-starter with a team focused, positive attitude with an attention to detail ServiceNow ticketing experience is a plus The following skills are highly desirable and would be expected to obtain after hire if you do not already have them: In your day-to-day you will: Develop intuitive, usable, and engaging interactions and visual digital designs.

In addition, we also offer a great benefits package including: What are we looking for? Collaborate cross-functionally with marketing channel experts, content, design, and tech teams to identify opportunities to optimize offers and response rates to maximize profit contribution. Manage an internal cross-functional team as well as external partner relationships. What we are looking for: Experience with in-depth analytics and problem solving with the ability to think strategically and be execution-oriented to drive a fully-integrated digital marketing strategy.

A continuous-learner mindset with a strong understanding of the evolving digital landscape as it relates to paid and organic trends, user experience, website engagement, and analytics. Experience managing an internal digital team creativity that are in growth mode and cross-functional. Desire to work hands-on in a performance based, analytically driven, fast-paced environment, while also working, collaborating, and providing strategic directions across various technical and creative teams.

Opportunities to work directly with industry innovators in digital marketing. Our culture is second-to-none, built around impressive, funny, driven people who take smart risks, leverage technologies and embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.

Oh, and untracked vacation is pretty nice too. Experience overseeing the deployment of comprehensive digital media campaigns. Desire to work hands-on in a performance based, analytically driven, fast-paced environment.

Desire to collaborate, and provide strategic directions across various technical and creative teams. Experience with in-depth analytics and problem solving, the ability to think strategically while being detail and execution-oriented, and success in managing competing priorities. Strong communication skills to effectively communicate with business and partner stakeholders The Perks: Opportunities to work directly with industry innovators in digital marketing with proprietary technology built in-house.

Ability to manage a project from start to finish as well as oversee general production of multiple projects at one time Experience with agile methodologies highly preferred Strong desire to make smart, cool, innovative stuff without the "perfect" guidebook on how to do it Bonus if you have: Experience with credit cards and travel sector About The Points Guy: Director of Business Development.

The Director position is a business development position responsible for creating new relationships with partner companies. Previous digital marketing experience is a huge plus. Persuasive communicator that can gain internal and external buy-in and followership for new ideas and opportunities. Strong leadership and EQ traits that will transition well to any business or industry. Experience with in depth analysis and problem solving with the ability to think strategically while seeing the execution all the way through.

Entrepreneurial spirit, that is incredibly driven, agile and goal oriented. Director of Business Intelligence. Push the product team to make product and user experience changes that result in growth, including Conversion Rate Optimization of our properties. Determine the source of truth for data across the organization, owning the tagging and product requirements for Web Analytics Systems, Data Warehousing systems, and databases.

Work across the organization Product, Sales, Finance, SEO, Marketing, Technology to determine what metrics, reports, dashboards, and analysis are needed to drive the business, and then work with the appropriate teams to implement them.

Responsibility for optimization and testing tools. Lead roadmap efforts across the organization for test and optimization. Create and deliver presentations, and lead meetings that touch all parts of the organization, including the most senior leaders.

An Ideal Candidate Will: Know business as well as technology: Be an expert in at least one web analytics system, such as Google Analytics, Omniture, or Mixpanel.

Google Tag Manager experience a plus. Extensive experience in SQL and relational database experience. Ability to translate business questions into problems solvable using analytics tools, and enjoy converting the results of your analyses into visual stories tailored to the needs of the audience. Director of Data Engineering. Director of Data Science. Data Science at Red Ventures: Managerial experience of leading a data science team preferred.

Leading the development and deployment of data science solutions for digital marketing or e-commerce in a production environment, especially in real-time settings. Constantly evolving and in a state of high growth Opportunities to: Grow as a programmer with support from our data science engineers in languages such as Scala, Python, and R Influence the direction of our in-house technologies that support our optimization solutions Scope out what the right work to be doing is Work with a variety of companies and industries Turn data science solutions into products as opposed to consistently working on one-off solutions Red Ventures Overview: Director of Enterprise Monitoring and Logging Engineering.

Through open work-space, Slack and peer reviews, our teams work together to build amazing solutions. Key Highlights of the Role: If you like the challenge of fixing things quickly and efficiently, this is the role for you!

Red Ventures values autonomy. We pride ourselves on being an environment for opportunity and growth regardless of your title, tenure or team. As a Director of Enterprise Monitoring and Logging Engineering, you will be a hands-on player and a coach. You can make non-technical decisions while continuing to evolve the technical depth of Red Ventures. What We Are Looking For: AWS experience at an enterprise level across a variety of services.

Strong understanding of Linux systems. Strong understanding of infrastructure as code Terraform, Cloudformation. Experience with container-based applications. Understanding of software development best practices tests, version control. Experience with a configuration management system SaltStack, Puppet, Chef, Ansible A desire to work with engineers of all skill levels.

Experience leading small teams or serving as a technical lead within an organization. Analytical and detail oriented minds with decisive judgment skills. The ability to prioritize, strategize, execute and deliver projects on time.

About Red Ventures Red Ventures is a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of digital companies that specialize in bringing consumers and brands together. Director of Front End Development. Director of Site Reliability Engineering. As a Director of Site Reliability Engineering, you will be a hands-on player and a coach.

Director of Software Engineering. We believe that "Speed Trumps Perfection" so we test and deploy daily. You will work alongside business and marketing leaders to rapidly translate business requirements into final products. As a Director of Software Engineering, you will be a hands-on player and a coach. Configure multiple security tools e. Analyze and triage information and intelligence from multiple threat sources Participate in the building, testing, and operation of multiple information security systems and tools Develop, communicate and implement technical security standards for different platforms Perform security audits on servers, databases and network devices Manage multi-factor authentication corporate platform Maintain the vulnerability management program e.

Assist with the development and implementation of security awareness programs. Open-minded, adaptable and passionate about learning. Self-starter with the ability to manage their own tasks into a larger project or program effort. Directly manage a team of writers wholly focused on providing the most comprehensive personal finance information in the world. Assign, maintain and manage a large backlog of personal finance and consumer banking content. A subject matter expert around all things personal finance.

E-Mail Marketing Specialist What we are looking for: Drive culture--here at RV we take our work seriously, but not ourselves—the same sense of humor and balance applies to our approach to corporate wellness! Full time role, with benefits. Progressive, innovative, creative problem solvers Strong communication skills and ability to work with a variety of different people. Applicants must have licenses and certifications in the following areas: Experience with Fitness Coaching Technology is a plus.

Desire to work in a fast-paced, collaborative, hands-on environment. Principle duties and responsibilities: Principal duties and responsibilities: Proficient knowledge and practical implementation of: A small, agile software development team environment Full medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance Untracked Paid Time Off and Flexible Working Schedules Matching k plan Snacks, drinks, foosball, and more About Us: This position is located in Pasadena, CA.

Hexo Familiarity working in the cloud, especially as it pertains to the front end: Familiarity with tag and event tracking libraries e. Full Stack JavaScript Engineer. What You Will Do: Autonomy — Aspiring entrepreneurs succeed here because you will have full-ownership over your work from beginning to end. Collaborate — Better than making the dream work, teamwork makes the code work.

What You Will Get: Evaluates whether appropriate administrative, technical, and physical controls are in place and aligned with the organization's business needs and strategic direction relative to all aspects of security and related compliance. Works with technology and business teams to develop and document risk mitigation action plans, along with recommendations to reduce information security risk within their areas.

Assists with the remediation of security assessment findings and recommendations. Maintains an up-to-date understanding of emerging trends in information security risks; applies new techniques and trends, in-line with overall information security objectives and risk tolerance.

Maintains current knowledge of applicable privacy and security compliance laws, regulations, and accreditation standards.

All other duties as assigned. Demonstrated organization, facilitation, written and oral communication, and presentation skills. Demonstrated skills in collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving to achieve goals. Ability to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities, work alone or in small teams, achieve established goals and objectives, and communicate progress in a timely and meaningful manner. Ability to understand information security and network risks, with knowledge of information technology and security, including Linux, Windows and networking environments.

Occasional travel when required. At least once per quarter in a calendar year About Red Ventures: At least once per quarter in a calendar year. What Will You Do? Work with team on Workday system configuration Work with team to identify and find solutions to manual processes Provide support and guidance for troubleshooting configuration and reporting issues Generate reports and queries for within Workday.

Evaluating the impact to Workday and Red Ventures processes as well as configuration Work with teams to identify new opportunities to enhance functionality or improve processing efficiency Act as Subject Matter Expert for HCM data, system configuration, business process configuration and reporting Develop, review and update user procedures, documentation and test scripts. Train employees and management on new process functionality delivered in 2 times per year releases or weekly releases if necessary Train new system users Work with teams on data uploads to Workday using EIB Create and Maintain Workday Security What Do You Need to Have?

Human Resources Business Partner. Comfortable in a fast-paced and often-changing environment: Must have the ability to multi-task and prioritize quickly.

Strong knowledge and application of federal and state employment laws Analytical skills and the ability to interpret data, identify trends and recommend multiple solutions. Strong team player and ability to function in a matrixed co-leadership environment Competitive Spirit: Our performers are driven, goal-oriented and always up for a challenge. Sense of humor and ability to have FUN!

Handle and resolve employee relations situations including exploration of issues, leveraging RV policy and practice to determine outcomes, and partnering with employees and management to deliver appropriate solutions Conducts employee disciplinary action meetings and handles separation meetings Partner with sales and operations teams to implement performance management tactics across areas such as sales performance, call compliance, and employee attendance.

Assists employees with routine HR-related needs including inquiry response, support and administration of leaves of absence, benefits, and payroll. Actively provides HR consultation to business partners through regular touch points, operations team meetings, and ad hoc meetings Implement company-wide HR programs and processes for business teams Preferred Experience and Skills: Monitor and react quickly to security incidents using multiple sources and tools e.

Having an IAM experience is a must, preferably Sailpoint. Information Security Communication Specialist. Basic Qualifications Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field.