Wagin, Western Australia


These create wedge-shaped regions of oil inside the bearing between the pads and a rotating disk, which support the applied thrust and eliminate metal-on-metal contact.

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Control Point Associates, Inc. Global Cosmetics Partnering Report Die Performance der Rohstoffe in in KW 3 Welcher Rohstoff macht das Rennen? Since the earliest days of European settlement, Australia's main industries have been agriculture and mining. As a result of this, Australians have made many inventions in these areas, including the grain stripper, the stump jump plough , mechanical sheep shears , the Dethridge water wheel , the froth flotation ore separation process, the instream ore analysis process and the buffalo fly trap.

Australian inventions also include a number of weapons or weapons systems, including the woomera, the tank, and the underwater torpedo. In recent years, Australians have been at the forefront of medical technology with inventions including ultrasound , the bionic ear, the first plastic spectacle lenses , the electronic pacemaker , the multi-focal contact lens, spray-on artificial skin and anti-flu medication.

Australians also developed a number of useful household items, including Vegemite , and the process for producing permanently creased fabric. Many of Australia's inventions were realised by individuals who get little credit or who are often overlooked for more famous Americans or Europeans.

Australian Aborigine David Unaipon is known as "Australia's Leonardo" for his contributions to science and the Aboriginal people. CSIRO scientists lead Australian research across a number of different fields, and work with industry and government to solve problems such as using insects to tackle weeds, growing more sustainable crops and improving transportation.

Didgeridoo — The didgeridoo is a wind instrument of northern Australia. Traditionally, a didgeridoo was made by selecting a section of a Eucalyptus branch , then burying it near a termite mound so that the termites would hollow it out, to produce a long, hollow piece of wood suitable for fashioning the instrument.

Woomera — The woomera is a type of spear thrower , adding thrust to a spear as part of a throwing action. It utilised a comb to lift the ears of the crop to where revolving beaters deposited the grain into a bin.

The Melbourne Football Club rules of are the oldest surviving set of laws for Australian football. Thompson and Thomas Smith. Before each match the rules had to be agreed by the two teams involved. By , several other clubs had agreed to play by an updated version of Melbourne's rules. During a land boom the Office had trouble producing the many maps and documents required to keep land records updated.

By varying the speed at which the two wires were extracted, the torpedo could be steered to the left or right by an operator on the shore. He designed it primarily to drill rock and to dig coal. The Coolgardie safe was a box made of wire and hessian sitting in water, which was placed on a verandah so that any breeze would evaporate the water in the hessian and via the principle of evaporation, cool the air inside the box. The Coolgardie safe was used into the middle of the 20th century as a means of preserving food.

Birchall decided that it would be a good idea to cut the sheets in half, back them with cardboard and glue them together at the top. Both worked independently at the same time on different parts of the process for the mining company Broken Hill Pty. Michell bearings contain a number of sector-shaped pads, arranged in a circle around the shaft, and that are free to tilt.

These create wedge-shaped regions of oil inside the bearing between the pads and a rotating disk, which support the applied thrust and eliminate metal-on-metal contact. The small size one-tenth the size of old bearing designs , low friction and long life of Michell's invention made possible the development of larger propellers and engines in ships.

They were used extensively in ships built during World War I , and have become the standard bearing used on turbine shafts in ships and power plants worldwide. The process used centrifugal force to evenly distribute concrete onto wire reinforcing, revolutionising pipe manufacture.

The board was propelled in a sitting position with two small hand blades, which was probably not a highly efficient method to negotiate the surf. The deck is flat with a bung plug at the rear and a nose ring with a leash, possibly originally required for mooring. The rails are square and there is pronounced rocker. The boards' obvious buoyancy indicates hollow construction, with thin boards of cedar fixed longtitudinally down the board.

The British war office rejected the idea at the time, but De Mole made several more proposals to the British War Office in and , and formally requested he be recognised as the inventor of the Mark I tank. One pole was applied to a skin pad soaked in strong salt solution' while the other pole 'consisted of a needle insulated except at its point, and was plunged into the appropriate cardiac chamber'.

The first ute rolled off the Ford production lines in The idea came from a Geelong farmer's wife who wrote to Ford in advising the need for a new sort of vehicle to take her 'to church on Sundays and pigs to market on Mondays. Edward Hirst of Sydney invented the combination polo and lacrosse sport which was first played at Ingleburn near Sydney in It was first used that same year to sow wheat near Dalby in Queensland.

It was invented by Ian McWilliam. The instrument, which can measure one part in 10 million, has been used in chemical analysis in the petrochemical industry, medical and biochemical research, and in the monitoring of the environment. Designed and constructed by Jack Kennedy with the assistance of Jim Lynich, it was in operation by Angroves' original design with a resealable spout was replaced with a tap by the Penfolds wine company in [44].

The system uses a single piston to directly inject fuel into 5 orbiting chambers. It has never challenged the dominance of four-stroke combustion engines but has replaced many two-stroke engines with a more efficient, powerful and cleaner system. Orbital engines now appear in boats, motorcycles and small cars. This computerised system allowed continuous analysis of key metals and meant greater productivity for the mineral industry worldwide.

This allows multiple electrical devices to be powered where only a single wall socket is available. This is a well-known example of failing to protect intellectual property. Kambrook was more interested in immediate commercial release than patenting its idea and has never received any royalties from this now ubiquitous product. The tiny lightweight camera is used in sports broadcasts and provides viewers with spectacular views of events such as motor racing, which are impossible with conventional cameras.

The CPAP system first developed by Sullivan has become the most common treatment for sleep disordered breathing. The invention was commercialised in by Australian firm ResMed , which is currently one of the world's two largest suppliers of CPAP technology.

The keel gave the yacht better steering and manoeuvrability in heavy winds. New South Wales public hospitals now refuse to allow parents take a baby home by car without one. Technegas lung scans in conjunction with lung perfusion scans demonstrate the presence of the life-threatening condition of pulmonary embolism. So-called hammerhead ribozymes are bits of genetic material that interrupt a DNA code at a particular point, and can be used to cut out genes that cause disease or harmful proteins.