How to Make a Cash Flow Chart


Cash flow diagrams visually represent income and expenses over some time interval. The diagram consists of a horizontal line with markers at a series of time intervals. At appropriate times, expenses and costs are shown. Note that it is customary to take cash flows during a year at the end of the.

A cash flow chart clarifies what your company does with its money in a way that may not be apparent when you look at a spreadsheet page full of numbers. At appropriate times, expenses and costs are shown. Higher Education Comment Card. Engineering Costs and Cost Estimating.

Cash Flow Diagrams

Charts help people to visualize information. A cash flow chart clarifies what your company does with its money in a way that may not be apparent when you look at a spreadsheet page full of numbers.

For instance, under the facilities management box, list separate boxes for utilities, repairs and groundskeeping. Next to each box, list the amount spent in the most recent accounting period. Add them all up and write the total next to the spending authority box. Double-check the accuracy of all figures, and do not overlook any expense.

Make sure every penny fits somewhere. The key here is to see how your company spends money and how much it spends. Connect each income box at the top of the page to any spending authority box that draws its budget from that source of income. You may want to use different-colored markers for this to help avoid a confusing mess of lines. If your company collects all income into a general account first and then budgets all spending from that account, then you can skip this step.

Simply draw a single box between the income boxes and spending boxes and mark it as your general budget. In practice, however, certain forms of income often go directly to certain expenses.

Review the chart, check it over for errors, and think about how you can improve the visual design to highlight the information on the page. Then draw a much larger final version of the chart, using markers on a big piece of paper suitable for presenting at meetings or mounting on the wall. Use differently shaped boxes for each type of box to further distinguish the information. Josh Fredman is a freelance pen-for-hire and Web developer living in Seattle.

He attended the University of Washington, studying engineering, and worked in logistics, health care and newspapers before deciding to go to work for himself. Skip to main content. Things Needed Company financial records Paper, pencils, markers.

Tip You can make different types of flow charts. Transactions can include initial investments, maintenance costs, projected earnings or savings resulting from the project, as well as salvage and resale value of equipment at the end of the project.

Cash flow diagrams may also be used to represent payment schedules for bonds , mortgages and other types of loans. It is often used with a break even sheet and a balance sheet in order to see where money is being made or lost.

Also it is used to monitor results of different things. For instance when changing variables it will see if they are successful or not in causing future profit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Cash flow diagram.

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