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Boats got stuck thanks to excessive weeds that grew out of pollutants, and it had reportedly gotten so bad that once, firefighters had to be called in to rescue the travellers out of the river. Turmeric is truly the next wonder drug. Finally, they reached the bottom of the river, where thick solid waste had been accumulating over the years.


Did you read the articles that you referenced? It talked about the difference between traditional India and now. Traditionally, India had very low rates of cancer, but with all their GMO and pesticide laden farms now, things seem to be changing.

It does not seem that you are interested in finding out about what could make sense here, but rather, trying to create conflict with Dr. Hi John, I personally love indian cuisine more than any other in the world! And no doubt they do with you as well. India has one of the lowest life expectancies in the world. Not , i believe , primarily because of diet. But certainly diet has played a role.

John, i love all those spices and am fully aware of their healing power.. Remember that anemia is common among women even in western countries where they are eating loads of meat. The USDA report, released earlier this month, predicts that global beef exports overall will rise to a record Hi Doug, I take your point about the fortification and thanks for attempting to address the issue with a cool head!

I think the people of India, just as anywhere else, have the right to choose for themselves. Some of them refuse to eat any animal products and for them the fortification idea is certainly a solution. For the vegetarians who drink milk for a food source of b12, that milk shoul be made available and should be clean an aside, I dont personally drink milk. I would never suggest that they should eat anything against their conscience, but that would also include a purely plant-based diet.

You must get a good workout jumping to conclusions, huh? Veganism is some arbitrary cult that abducted you against your will to elucidate us poor malnourished souls?

Did you even read the articles you so magnanimously provided because you missed some critical info…as others already stated. What is YOUR agenda? Try another website, this one is based on science, not your personal belief that killing animals is a need to feed you! What do you think the animals you favor for your dinner eat, to grow up to be on your precious plate? Plants…oh how does Bessie manage??? Human milk is for human babies, and contains the right proportion of nutrients for them.

Once any animal is weaned, milk is not necessary. Not a possibility when we have more cows than people nor the land to sustain them. And all those lovely by-products. When you see one of those animals, do you start salivating, chase after them at high speed, crush their neck in your pointy snout and vicious canines, and rip out their bloody innards with your sharp claws like any other carnivore?

Or maybe you are merely an omnivore, like a bear, or a racoon, or a skunk. Oh wait, they have pointy snouts, sharp teeth and vicious claws too…hmmm. Do you have a picture to share? Eating animals is what advanced our brain growth and allowed us to evolve from apes into smart folks like you, right?

Yep, just like all those other omnivores and carnivores… Gee, what hampered their brains, eating all that meat? Maybe they never learned to harness fire and cook so they could get more nutrients for brain growth? You have failed to address even one of the issues I raised in what i wrote. They are real issues involving real people that call for real solutions beyond eating a handfull of soil.

As it is you have simply resorted to borderline insult accompanied with a seething rage.. But lacking any clinical experience, you seem to assume that a plant-based diet will cure the spectrum of diseases that are all connected with b12 deficiency. Even Dr Gregor himself will tell you that is simply not true. There is such an epidemic in India. How do you suggest this be dealt with? The reason I mentioned milk is that many Indians who dont eat meat drink milk because it contains a modest amount of vitamin b I think a five year old can work that out.

They are two totally different issues. If I was overweening, I was just mirroring your haughty, opinionated, diatribe. You know what they say about opinions…. Would the frozen fruit possibly be subject to heavy metal contamination?? Greger regularly eats powdered amla, can I assume the gooseberry component of triphala, which he warns against, is safe? Greger initially praised triphala due to its impressive antioxidant capacity but later withdrew his recommendation based on the presence of various contaminants in some of the samples tested.

Banyon Botanicals sells all manner of ayurvedic products. I questioned them re: They responded by reciting the testing and quality control measures that they employ which are documented on their website. I was satisfied with their response and have been purchasing triphala as well as tulsi and hingvastak from them. My bigger question is: Can we trust the produce, frozen produce, and dried spices — imported from India — available at most Indian groceries?

The only safest — or least unsafe — way to buy anything grown in India is to buy organic products imported by a reputable US company. If the frozen amla you use is not organic, I think using them is taking a chance. PsychMD mentioned Banyon Botanicals. Another good company is Organic India. I take triphala tablets made by Planetary Herbals.

You must take into account that in a lot of India countryside areas the living conditions are the ones of a third world country, sanitation is terrible, what would you expect?

Similarly, some countries in Africa part of the population have healthier diets than in Western countries, yet their life expectancy is not surprisingly, what you would expect from third world countries. Now India is changing as it follows western diet. All times meat, soft drinks, medicine for small health problem etc.

When there is lack of justice, poor finance, diet always takes a hit. To use Knowledge they need money. The life expectancy in India is only Are they just dying of something else before they have a chance to get cancer? This might make an interesting topic for a future video.

Curcumin boosts DHA in the brain: Implications for the prevention of anxiety disorders. Wow, this is great news! Turmeric is truly the next wonder drug. Does anyone know just how much Tumerick you need daily to be effective? Also does taking the tumor it as a capsule work just as well? We in India seeing cancer rate is steadily increase in the past 5 years… every one is using white polished rice rice… lot of refined oil… meat intake is on rise….

And the reason I can think of high saturated fats by means of ghee. I starting to search best treatment for cancer and then I found Dr. I rejected chemo and radiation. Start to cut meat little by little, around August , after I finished 3 times surgery, I became a vegan and I feel better and better and better every day. Right now I am back to normal, back to my old job, work full time, with two kids, life is good. Thanks for sharing your story.

I can just imagine how scared you were. Congratulations on being cancer free. I hope it continues that way for the rest of your life. And congratulations on eating a healthy diet.

That can be a hard change for some people to make, even with a health condition. But you did it. You should be proud. What brand s of Amla do you use in your pink drink so as to avoid contamination with toxic heavy metals?

Here are their amla selections. But you could ask them when they will get it in again. While they are out of the powdered one, they do have the dehydrated version for the same price. Depending on how the dehydrated product ends up being, you might be able to just get that and grind it up yourself in a food processor. Or maybe enjoy it better in the chunky form??? In India yogurt and cheese and ghee butter are eaten regularly all of which Dr Gregor usually finds cause cancer?

Harvard researchers found that chlorophyll wraps itself around the mutagen and the cancerous cell was now too large to penetrate a healthy cell. So, your body just eliminates it. Tamils are primarily vegetarians so it would be interesting to know if their cancer rates were even lower than non-Tamil rates.

Much like the Seven Day Adventists vs other Christians. Acidic ph is just the opposite in creating an environment in which these mutagens thrive. Did the studies control for caloric restriction which has for many decades demonstrated similar effects? The true Indian diet life style should be taken from Rural India where stuff like Ice cream, saturated fats and fried foods are not seen. It will be interesting study the prevalence of Heart diseases in Urban vs and rural Indian population to reinforce this view.

Yes, typical Indian diet comprises ghee and butter which is proved to be good for health particularly brain. Honey, Butter and ghee is often prescribed in Ayurveda while recent studies have de-linked the saturated fats not trans-fats or artificial hydrogenated fats with heart diseases but they seem to be pronounced effect when viewed in conjunction with life style.

Hence a deductive inference about a particular food as bad of good seem to be inconclusive unless a holistic factors are taken for study which is highly unlikely in the present research studies. One of the reasons why the cancer case counts in India are low is that the government there does not have a mechanism to keep statistics.

Another possible, may be not probable, reason could be that people die of Denge fever before they could develop cancer. So before you switch to clarified butter to fry your food and praying to cows, ask an Indian from India if cancer in India is a huge epidemic or not.

Cancer is rising here in India. Lot of Indian diet is increasingly getting westernized. The average life expectancy in India is 66, so many people are dying before they are ever diagnosed. Colin T Cambpell also showed in the China study with his rat experiment that the high protein rats lived longer despite developing cancer.

This is not true. Rats generally live about weeks, so the study was weeks long. And the result was: Eventually, every animal dies. But those rats who were getting the low protein diet were extremely lucky and lived longer than the group of rats getting the high animal protein diet.

In other words, the very opposite of what you wrote above according to Campbell. Do you have access to a different quote from the book that I am missing? You sure about your info? Did you know there was a second part to the study that Campbell did not mention? The investigators gave rats a small dose of aflatoxin every day for six months and fed them either a 5 percent casein or 20 percent casein diet. The experiment carried on for two years, in fact, but they stopped adminstering aflatoxin at six months for the simple reason that half the animals on the low-protein diet had died.

They had typical symptoms of aflatoxin toxicity including liver necrosis cell death , proliferation of bile duct tissue, and fatty liver. All the animals receiving 20 percent casein, on the other hand, were still alive at that point. For the remainder of the two years, the rats receiving 20 percent casein continued to live longer, but many of them developed liver cancer or pre-cancerous changes, while none of the rats fed 5 percent casein developed liver cancer.

Madhavan TV, Gopalan C. The Weston Price Foundation is known for inaccurate information if not outright lying. You can learn more about that foundation here: There are likely many other differences that an average person could think of just off the top of their head that might also be causal factors or at least serve to explain part of the statistical difference in rates of cancer between the two populations.

Oh and I happen to have a bottle for sale right here …. India still has cancer, at lower rates. If this plant is protecting people from this disease, why not everyone? Probably not everyone eats the same amount. And different people have different amount of other risk factors. Different animal protein intakes. Even people who never smoke in their lives can still get lung cancer. And some people who smoke every day can manage to avoid cancer. Note that all these types of studies are about affecting risk levels.

Does that make sense? You clearly missed this paper. Yeah sure, some will hail you as a visionary just like Gallileo, but we both know that is about as realistic as some of your theories — or god being real. As a trained doctor, how do you sleep at night doing this? Of course you do. All proceeds are donated to charities. Greger is about promoting the science and skipping the conflict of interest.

Also, probably because you have not bothered to even glance at the table of contents of How Not To Die, you completely misunderstand the meaning of the title. We allow disagreements on this site, but not ad homine personal attacks. If you would like to come to the table with calm, logical arguments and preferably references about a point of nutrition, you would be welcome back.

Perhaps the rates are so much lower because Indians have such a short life-expectancy. Well I see lots of comments in discussion section going towards Health benefits of Ghee Clarified Butter. I used to love Ghee but my father citing health impact, stopped use of Ghee in our house: Ayurveda considers ghee as medicine and it is used widely for cure of cough etc.

TIME magazine and so many other publishing houses have included Ghee as one of the most healthy food in the world. You can search that for yourself. But the key point here is How do you eat Ghee? If you use ghee for deep frying or even Indian Cooking, Let me guarantee you that You are on wrong path.

Ghee has to be eaten raw, either by mixing in legume preparations, applying on whole wheat fresh bread or as a dressing. Same way you use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No one uses extra virgin olive oil for Frying or cooking…. Vikas you have hit the hammer on the head.

I believe the first link reference for tumors beginning around age 20 is wrong. Can you guys update to include the right link? Hello and thank you for your comment. I am having trouble finding anything wrong with the link. Please let me know if this clears up the issue or if you have any other concerns or would like for me to send you a copy of the article. Thank you and happy holidays! Great information sir, yes vegetarian is always good, indian spices are amazing.

Non-veg is harmful to health and the eart. Have you ever checked out Neem? Both have amazing health benefits and have been used in cancer treatment in India.

India is not a vegan culture, instead venerating the cow as a source of milk. My guess is also that not all cancers are were recognized in India because of being poor and therefore not being able to go to a doctor or hospital.

Mustard oil is the main cooking oil for most curries in northern and western India while coconut oil is much preferred in southern Indian style cooking..

Along with that red meat is least consumed in India. Most Indian prefer vegetarian dishes for their everyday food and save meats and poultry for once in a while menu.. Turmeric is used very widely in india in all foods since many years. We apply turmeric even on wounds like cut because it prevents it from being septic and strong healing power. In fact in most of the Ayurveda anti septic creams have turmeric. Also turmeric is known to be great for skin and that why it is applied on face as well.

We put turmeric in hot milk and drink it. Because turmeric is also known to have anti viral properties. Now it is discovered that turmeric has curcumin which fights cancer. When you add turmeric it gives the food yellowish color and great aroma. Apart from turmeric there are other Indian spices known to have great benefits for health. Ayurveda uses all these effectively for making their medicines. Neem is used in storing rice and wheat. Neem leaves are put into rice and wheat containers to preserve it from getting grain beetles.

Neem leaves are good for skin. You put some neem leaves in water and use that water for bathing. Tulsi is very common in india. Infact you will find tulsi plants in most of the indian homes as it is considered as auspicious. Tulsi also has anti viral properties. There are two types of tulsi. I am from India and I do not believe these statistics and data collection — Despite living in a good city like Bangalore — I know that some of my relatives died of cancer and it took a while for it to be even diagnosed as Cancer.

Even with that — how and who are collecting the statistics in a country with poor regulations and even poor compliance with regulations. But, if we are talking of things about years back, when there was less alcohol, less eating out, more family time — I never heard of any of my relatives die before years old — not one of them smoked, not a drop of alchohol, never went to a restaurant to eat out of pleasure. Eating out was only when the mom could not cook. Can American be cancer free?

All this talk about cooking with all this food I know nothing about is making Big Mike very hungry I must get some Idian friends quickly. Your email address will not be published.

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Did you forget about Malayalis, we only use coconut oil for cooking. Landslides, epidemic, and ritual suicides were only a few of them. People even went as far as to accept a local belief about an ancient goddess laying waste to a group of people who defied her. Which was actually not so far from the truth, for recent studies found clear marks of round-shaped blows to the skulls and their shoulders as if they were struck from above.

With the advancement of DNA testing, it was now possible to examine the bones and some of the preserved human tissue. The popular opinion was that the skeletons were the remains of individuals who died from harsh weather and sudden storms over the years on the mountains and slid with the snow into the lake, which prevented the natural process of decomposition.

Moreover, they found two distinct body types with similar DNA. One group of shorter individuals with smaller and thinner bones, and one completely the opposite. Which led them to believe that it must have been a group on pilgrimage or some kind of expedition in the mountains that hired some local guides.

Unfortunately for them, trapped in a valley and with shelter nowhere to be found, a baseball-size hail storm killed them on their way. At least, that is according to the latest scientific research. Here is another story from us: