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Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. These are, by far, the best weeders we have ever used. The handle is comfortable and adds grip. The leverage bar takes a lot of the work out of digging up the roots, saving our arm muscles. It's a very sturdy tool that I expect to last for many years.

We bought one last year, and added three more to our lot this year. The whole family can clear a section of yard in no time. These are hard to find. My husband calls them "dibbers" but I didn't know the proper name, so I was pleased to find them on a lightning deal alert once.

Not all weeders have the curved metal piece for pivoting leverage. This one is as good or better than the one I found in a gardening supply store once a few years ago. I've used the tool a few times now, and it seems to be sturdy enough. Should last a number of years without having to be too fussy. The tool is sometimes difficult to push into the ground.

I bought it to pull dandelions, and this tool probably won't do the job very well. I've read that if even a small portion of the root of the dandelion is left in the ground, it will grow back. About the only way you can get the whole root of the dandelion with this tool is if the dandelion is fairly young with a short root. Roots more than 5 inches are hard to get, though sometimes I get a root 8 inches.

But that isn't often. Best to do after a rain when the ground is soft. Maybe with practice I will learn how to get more of the root, but I don't really think this is the tool to do a good job on dandelions. I've been told the only way to handle dandelions is with weed killer.

This is good to remove big weeds not Arrived on time and as shows in picture. Its very strong and sturdy. This is good to remove big weeds not small ones. I tried on small ones but had to use my hands.. Straight Edge Holder Silberschnitt Rating: Veribor 60kg Double Vacuum Cup Rating: Stainless 50kg Veribor 2 Cup Lifter Rating: Veribor 70kg mm Double Suction Pad Rating: Suction Lifter with Leverage Handle Rating: Aluminium mm Veribor Suction Lifters Rating: Wish List Out of stock.

Shopping Options Filter By. Veribor 51 items Bohle 23 items Silverline 6 items Dortech 5 items. Glass Weight Calculator For single, double or triple glaze. Sealant use estimator Depth 4 ml 6 ml 8 ml 10 ml 12 ml 15 ml 20 ml 25 ml 30 ml 40 ml 50 ml ml ml. Cartridge size ml ml ml ml ml.