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AUD/USD Exchange Rate; see notes for further detail. F11 EXCHANGE RATES Since 1 July , the rate shown for the US dollar is the WM/Reuters Australian Dollar Fix at pm (Sydney) on the day concerned, sourced from page AUDFIX on Thomson Reuters and rounded to four decimals.

Confidence is still holding in global markets but it does seem many are looking into the future with less reasons to be optimistic. Prohibited items Seafood, meat and frozen products What do I need to know about baggage transfers? Archived from the original on April 22,

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Part 5- List of Closely correlated currencies against the Australian Dollar (AUD) None. Part 6- List of Closely correlated currencies against the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mark (BAM).

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O FX provides international money transfer services to private clients and business customers. Use our free currency converter, exchange rate charts, economic calendar, in-depth currency news and updates and benefit from competitive exchange rates and outstanding customer service.

OFX uses cookies to create the most secure and effective website possible for our customers. Read our Privacy Policy. OFX is open on weekends. If you already use a provider I can perform a comparison within minutes and I am confident I will demonstrate a considerable saving. If you would like my help feel free to email me at dcj currencies. Thank you for reading. The Australian dollar is likely to weaken in as the concerns over Trade Wars intensify amongst investors.

There is a growing concern that in the future the market will be more uncertain and the Australian dollar, as a commodity currency is likely to be weaker in the future. Clients with a position buying or selling the Australian currency should be strapping themselves in for a volatile period as the market tries to second guess what lies ahead.

Clients with a position buying or selling the Australian dollar will have a tough time in the future to try and second guess the market but as the Aussie dollar reflects global attitudes on trade, the likelihood is that the currency will weaken.

Clients who need to make an exchange should note not just the changing global attitudes on trade but also the negative political and economic effects at home in Australian too. Whilst the market had been pricing in for an interest rate hike in the future, some are now suggesting that the RBA, Reserve Bank of Australian will in fact be forced to look at an interest rate cut instead.

This could send the AUD into a downward spiral as investors look for more comfortable and stable stores of value. Investors will struggle to find the Australian dollar an attractive currency to hold, particularly when the US dollar is now offering a higher return with a higher rates of interest on offer.

If you have a transfer to make and wish to consider the latest news and trends which will move the market, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss further.

China has being going tit for tat on tariffs with the US and despite the current pause the situation has the potential to escalate. The onus is on China to get the trade war sorted as quickly as possible.

This is the weakest quarterly growth since There is a disproportionate effect on China when compared to the US. At present there is a 90 day pause on tariffs which commenced at the beginning of December. This does not bode well for the Aussie. If it were not for the debacle that is Brexit I think we would be witnessing the Pound strengthen against the Australian Dollar.

We could be looking at a leadership challenge for Corbyn or a no deal scenario which would both hurt Sterling even more. I feel a second referendum could boost Sterling as polls suggest voters would now wish to remain in the EU, I think May would have to go for this scenario to emerge. If you have a currency requirement I will be happy to assist. It is crucial to be in touch with an experienced broker if you wish to maximise your return.

If you let me know the details of your trade I will endeavour to produce a free, no obligation trading strategy for you. If you have a trade to perform I will also happily provide a free quote and I am confident our rates are among the best in the industry. I would be willing to demonstrate this in form of a comparison with any competitor. You can trade in safety knowing you are dealing with company FCA registered and one that has been trading for 16yrs. The Pound vs the Australian Dollar has hit a 6 week high which is good news for anyone looking to send money to Australia.

The spike has occurred in part due to the tightening lending standards in Australia which has caused a problem for the Australian housing market and this has seen house prices fall in recent times. This is a big reason for the Reserve Bank of Australia keeping interest rates on hold and with the US Federal Reserve recently raising interest rates for the final time this year global investors have been selling off the riskier based commodity currencies including the Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and South African Rand in favour of a more stable US Dollar.

The mortgage companies as well as the banks have been previously lending to people without clearly identifying whether or not they would be able to afford to pay back the loans and this means that Australian banks are now paying the price for the previous problems. The one problem that could halt Sterling in its tracks is that of the ongoing Brexit turmoil which could cause a problem for Sterling.

For further information and a free quote then contact me directly and I look forward to hearing from you. Tom Holian teh currencies. Australian unemployment data released yesterday arrived weaker than expected with a small rise in the headline number. Unemployment down under now sits at 5.

The central bank has hinted that interest rates may need to rise in although the economic data will very much dictate whether or not this happens. Any signs of a slowdown will almost certainly put the Reserve Bank of Australia on the defensive which could result in Australian dollar weakness. However the deadline of 29th March is fast approaching and a parliamentary vote to be held 14th January will dictate the direction of travel for the pound.

If Theresa May finds herself able to get this deal through parliament then the pound could see some major gains. The reality at the moment is that this is highly unlikely and an uncertain period could like ahead. With no concessions being offered by the EU the deal is likely to be voted down over concerns for the Irish backstop which currently is not time limited. Tensions are fraught at the moment with allegations of corporate espionage in the technology sector.

Any slowdown in global growth could see problems for the Australian economy which may be adversely affected. For more information on dollar exchange rates and assistance in making transfers either buying or selling Australian dollars then please feel free to contact me James at jll currencies.

The Australian dollar has weakened overnight as investor focus shifts towards the now wider split between the US and Australian interest rate. With Australian interest rates at 1. The US raised interest rates overnight and are expected to raise further in , despite many views to the contrary. This could see more pressure on the Australian dollar in The economic news out of Australia overnight too was fairly positive with the Employment rate and the employment change, month on month both posting gains.

This shows the Australian labour market is performing well and if such news continues in , could be more supportive for an interest rate hike down under, which has so far been so elusive. The Australian dollar is likely to endure a mixed bag as we enter with the market closely following the latest news on US and Australian interest rates.

With Australian trade relations with China forming a major part of the Australian economy, the market has been closely monitoring the sentiments on the Trade Wars, plus the possible negative fallout from any economic woes.

The fact the Australian currency acts as a barometer of global trade and risk sentiment, owing to its economies close relationship to traded commodities like Coal, Steel and Aluminium, makes it all the more sensitive to such news. Confidence is still holding in global markets but it does seem many are looking into the future with less reasons to be optimistic. This could ultimately spell trouble for the Australian dollar in , particularly if the Trade Wars deteriorate further and the US presses ahead with their economic plans.

If you are looking to buy or sell Australian dollars then please do get in touch to discuss the latest news and forecasts. With the currency so sensitive to global news and developments it is important to understand all of the latest news and events to move the rates. The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate remains on a weaker footing as Brexit remains the main concern for sterling exchange rates. After a cabinet meeting yesterday plans are now being ramped up for a no deal Brexit which should keep rates for GBP vs AUD at the lower levels of this recent range.

The meaningful vote to be held in parliament will be held in January and should become the main focus in the ongoing Brexit debacle. The outcome of that vote to be held before the 21st January will determine whether or not there will be a deal.