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Eine weitestmögliche Verwendung dieser Kennziffern wird als grundlegend angesehen. September verbreiteten Studie der Kommission belegen, dass der Verbraucher nur unzureichende oder überhaupt keine Informationen zu Überweisungsgebühren erhält und dass sich die durchschnittlichen Kosten für grenzüberschreitende Überweisungen seit dem Jahr , in dem eine ähnliche Studie durchgeführt wurde, kaum geändert haben. Die Ergebnisse einer am Methods and systems for automatically determining and collecting a monetary contribution from an instrument. Es ist sehr attraktiv, Aufmerksamkeit von Ihrem Liebhaber zu ziehen.

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Private label promotion card system, program product, and associated computer-implemented methods. Computerized extension of credit to existing demand deposit accounts, prepaid cards and lines of credit based on expected tax refund proceeds, associated systems and computer program products.

Computer-implemented methods, program product, and system to enhance banking terms over time. Transfer account systems, computer program products, and associated computer-implemented methods. Transfer account systems, computer program products, and computer-implemented methods to prioritize payments from preselected bank account. System, program product and method for performing an incremental automatic credit line draw using a prepaid card. System, program product, and method to authorize draw for retailer optimization.

System, program product, and method for debit card and checking account autodraw. System, program product, and computer-implemented method for loading a loan on an existing pre-paid card. System, program product and methods for retail activation and reload associated with partial authorization transactions. Shopping center gift card offer fulfillment machine, program product, and associated methods.

System and computer program product to issue a retail prepaid card including a user-designed external face using a chit and related computer implemented methods. Coin counting machines having coupon capabilities, loyalty program capabilities, advertising capabilities, and the like. Optical coin discrimination systems and methods for use with consumer-operated kiosks and the like. Interface de reseau sur puce dotee d'un systeme adaptatif de declenchement d'envoi de donnees.

Digital image coin discrimination for use with consumer-operated kiosks and the like. Portable personal terminal and system for handling transactions including such terminal.

Portable transaction monitoring unit for transaction monitoring and security control systems. Credit card system including a central unit and a plurality of local units for conducting low-cost transactions.

Automated fund collection system including means to eliminate duplicate entries from a mailing list. Wireless transfer of account data and signature from hand-held device to electronic check generator.

Personal identification and credit information system and method of performing transaction. A2 Designated state s: With her passion to explore talent, support and promote Chinese documentary films internationally, she is the executive producer for almost 80 documentaries, including the award-winning , KL: Jean Tsien is an editor, producer, and consultant whose works in non-fiction films span over 30 years.

An American Tragedy; three Peabody Award-winning films: CNEX, a platform dedicated to documentary film production and promotion, is aiming at building Chinese visual literacy and creating social impact through factual films. CNEX works with independent filmmakers to produce contemporary Chinese documentaries.

Chang Chao-wei, born in Tainan, Taiwan, is a veteran writer-producer who has worked at various publications and production companies throughout Asia. CNEX has completed almost 80 productions so far. Since then he kicked off his award-winning producer's career in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. He starts filmmaking as director and producer from She integrated the company resources and established internationally advanced documentary production management mode.

In addition, she is also focusing on the documentary market both at home and abroad to promote international cooperated programs and seeking actively to establish business mode for the documentary industry. Tyler Strickland is a film composer based in Los Angeles. Bob was exposed to documentary filmmaking started ; he has been collaborating?

In , he worked as an editing assistant with Jean Tsien on feature length documentary Please Remember Me. Lee hopes to keep editing as a long-term career. The taste of adventure for children wanting to feel like adults. The discovery shocked Mr. Thousands of family-run factories operate in the open air shredding the wast To say that Plastic China is an eye opener is an understatement.

An look at a onetime farmer who now runs a plastic recycling plant and is just getting by the film is a glaring example of the gulf between the haves and have nots in modern day China.

China is the most populated country in the world, and so what they do with their refuse is important. This documentary examines just that, through the eyes of Yi-Jie, an year-old girl who works at a recycling plant along with her parents. Others in the facility are His gently observed portrait of the families toiling at a plastic recycling f